Monday, June 24, 2013

18 weeks later...

Baby Knight at 1 hr
So, 18 weeks later I have a lot of catching up to do.  We had a beautify baby boy on Feb 15th as a scheduled c-section (I will post my birth story in a later post).  He shall be referred to as BK (baby Knight)
from here forward to protect his privacy as he grows to be a big man.  He is now 18 weeks old and I cannot imagine life without him, but I really wish there were more hours in the day. I thought that I would have tons of time being a working Mom.  Hahahahaha... I guess the joke is on me because being a mom is the most rewarding and tiring job I have ever had and then add on my regular 8-5--it makes for one tired woman!!  I am committing now to at least 1 post a week because I want to make this work for me and to share my adventure.  I am still keeping it simple but some days I just want to sleep for 6 hours straight.  The meme is true-- sleep truly is the mom's drug of choice.

So here's a great Instagram video of BK  telling Mommy just how it is.  I just love this kid.

Baby Knight at 18 weeks

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