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My title at work is Director of Product Quality and Safety, which means it is my job to make sure all items my company makes and designs are safe for the public as well as comply with federal and state laws and regulations....what a mouthful!  Regardless of how long and cumbersome it is to explain, product safety is something I really enjoy doing professionally and I am finding my work and home lives are colliding as I research safe items for my child.  Product safety is quickly a passion in both arenas.  The following links are some I use to stay on top of recalls and product safety news and I thought other parents might like an easy to reference list as they try to keep their little ones safe.  I will be adding to these as  I find more valuable sites.

Independent Product Safety Blogs

Consumer Bell a awesome aggregate of all recalls (food, toys, cars, pet products, etc..)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

CPSC All Recalls
CPSC (use this site to report an unsafe product or research products before buying)
Conversations with Consumers (Commissioner Nacy Nord's Blog)

Car Seat Safety  Parents Central : Some great information and resources for keeping your kids safe when they are on the move based on research and historical analysis.

File a Child Seat Safety Complaint: Child car seats are made to protect our little ones in the event of the most unfortunate experiences and by law they are to be tested to meet specific standards to ensure they work when needed; if you find that your seat is not preforming well (for example its too difficult to unlatch or too easy to unlatch), then you should let the NHTSA and the manufacturer know.

Register your Child Restraint:  Safety registrations by law are not allowed to be used for any other purpose aside from notifying consumers of a recall, so if you neglected to register your seat because you thought you would be bombarded with ads and spam-- follow this link and register now!  It is never too late to register your products unless you have been unknowingly using a recalled item and you or your child is injured or worse.

Legal/ Technical Blogs

Product Safety and Recall Blog --This blog is a service to industry and product safety personnel.
Product Safety Letter Fee based weekly newsletter for Product Safety Professionals (there is also a free daily newsletter)
Product Safety Blog  from Miles and Stockbridge Lawfirm


Other Countries Product Safety Commissions

Health Canada
European Union 

Global Sources

Global Portal of Product Recalls --The portal was launched at the International Product Safety Week on October19, 2012 and is a cross-border database covering recalled products from The USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and Canada.

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