I am creating Simply Momulous as I sit here 20 weeks pregnant with my first child as I am becoming overwhelmed with how to be the best Mom I can be. I am in a quest to be a fabulous mom...Momulous in fact.  I feel like so many people make motherhood too complex and I believe that there must be a simple way to be a mom, hence Simply Momulous.   

I know this is going to be a wild adventure as I learn to balance motherhood with the rest of my life as I know it, and I thought others might enjoy tagging along for the ride.  I am planning on sharing essays on new life experiences, recipes, product reviews, and maybe some more as this blog progresses.  I hope you enjoy this memorization of my adventure as much as I do living it.  

Please let me know your questions, comments or other feedback, as this is my first blog and I am sure to learn something along the way and appreciate helpful advice.

Laura -- the future Momulous Mom

PS The future part will be updated mid February 2013 if the baby is on time!

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