Monday, October 1, 2012

All Registered Up...with the exception of one important item

 Last week my Mom and I spent Sunday afternoon registering for gifts at Babies"R"Us since so many people have been asking about it.  (the husband was working on an exterior renovation project that I am unable to help with since I am pregnant).  The afternoon was really a great bonding experience with Mom and I think it will be one of the most memorable experiences shopping with her in my life.  We picked out everything and more that we think we will need (or would really love to have) with the exception of the car seat **insert dramatic music here**  The car seat has me stumped and is causing me to stress out to the max.

I think I am most concerned about picking the wrong one (namely one that won't protect my little one in the event of a crash).   Then there is the choice between an infant seat and a convertible seat, can we skip the infant seat and still be ok as far as safety?  Then there is the issue of having 2 small cars, both the husband and I drive MINI Coopers, so we want to make sure the seat we select is the correct size to fit well in the cars. Then there is the question on if a gently used infant seat could be safe for the child or is brand new better? Lastly, the seat should not be some obnoxious pattern that some designer determined that baby items needed to be to be gender specific but never match anything in real life.  

Does anyone have any suggestions on resources for how they came to their decision or resources for the safest seats?  I know I will figure this out but there are so many choices, I feel like my head is spinning.

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