Monday, November 25, 2013

Party Deprived-- Advice Needed

Dear Experienced Parents,
My darling husband and I are party deprived, yes I know this is a first world problem, but it is nevertheless bothersome.  Before baby, we were semi-regulars on the going-out circuit and even when I was pregnant I trudged along (maybe rolled a bit) and enjoyed myself as best I could.  However, I really miss a good party, and I am thinking of New Years Eve and the challenge that I do want to celebrate it with baby because he is a HUGE part of what we are celebrating, but I don't know how to do this and still see your friends?  All advice is sought and wanted, and I can't wait to hear from you all.

Party Deprived New Momma

photo credit: -Snugg- via photopin cc


  1. We just have parties, have stuff for the kids to do, and everyone pitches in watching the kiddos. If you have friends with kids, you can do a NYE party with everyone and count down to the new year at 8 or 9 or so so the kiddos can be a part of it. Then after the other kids leave/go to sleep, you can party with your friends. OR keep the kids up as late as you can so they will def fall asleep before the ball drops.

  2. You need to go to a party! This is obliviously something you enjoy and miss as well as something you and the hub love to do together. This is one of the first, and hardest, things about being a parent. Separating yourself from your child. Every day your child gets to see you is like New Year's Eve! Can't you see it on his face? Little ones are kinda like dogs this way. They don't know the difference between regular days and days for celebration. This is a grown-up self-imposed mandate that you can only whoop it up on special days. Every day is a big day for a baby! So the beginning of you remembering what is important to you is a significant step in teaching your child that nurturing your own needs for a short time can make you a much better mommy in the long run. On the airplane they instruct "Put the air mask on yourself first and then on those around you". This same rule applies to parenting. Kids are the most resilient of we humans. Give them the benefit of the doubt that the short time you are apart celebrating the things that YOU love will be an excellent investment in the trust you develop in your relationship. He will be okay. The hangover period is another story but at least he will get to cuddle with you all day long as you recuperate. Now start planning that hot outfit and practicing your best dance moves for a fun and well deserved evening with that man who made you a father. Have fun!